Alicia Kremser


The core of my practice is to evoke emotions. Deeply inspired by light, transparency and water, I highlight in my work the relations between a sphere and a body’s movement within it. In an effort to create dialogue with the audience, my aim is to form a space of openness and intimacy. An artwork that invites viewers into an atmosphere of experience has the power to open up spaces they might be afraid to go into alone. As an artist and curator, I seek to create environments that absorb exhibition visitors into the space and capture their attention. Consequently, my work predominantly takes the form of installations, where the practice of art-making and curation merge. I choose my mediums and materials according to the individual content, shaped by the arena I work in and the viewer’s position within it. What drives me is exchange between space and body, art and life, depth and tangibility. As a female artist reflecting on her dreams and insecurities, I give my audience fragments of my personal experience while allowing room for others to freely associate their own meanings in the spaces I create. I reflect on concepts such as vulnerability and desires, exploring an intimate externalisation of the self, confiding in others.