Alicia Kremser


blurred boundary moment

site-specific installation
April 2023

While efficiency, success or performance may be worn proudly in our society as a sign of reliability, it is not always easy to publicly display our limitations and uncertainties. Alicia Kremser’s artwork transforms the exhibition space, the museum, into a place of openness and shared intimacy. A simple phrase activated by the sunlight, a shadow that appears and disappears every day, blending in with the architecture and inviting the visitors to question themselves on the perception of the place. Creating a direct and still subtle interconnection with the viewer, the in-situ installation is in itself based on the fragility and fugacity of the moment as a metaphor of our social interactions. Alicia Kremser’s artworks lead us to reconsider the way we shape each other’s lives by placing us in front of what looks like a coincidence of “being at the right place at the right time”. The message of the sentence is directly addressed to us. In doing so, the artist materializes her own feelings and thoughts, transforming a silent public space into a safe place where to express our deeper self and extend our ability to listen and pay attention to the “Other”.

Text by Sophie Delhasse, BANQUEROUTE curator