Alicia Kremser


I’d rather sleep alone but am afraid of the dark

November 2022

Peter Schünemann from the Museum Katharinenhof in Kranenburg about my work at the museum as part of Borderlands Residencies:

"Right at the beginning of her residency, the artist realised the installation I'd rather sleep alone but am afraid of the dark in the interior of a former transformer station, which is only a few square metres in size. Alicia Kremser uses, among other things, found objects from the Van der Grinten house and a powerful projector. The choice of materials and the narrowness of the room, which cannot be entered directly but can only be seen from the outside through a window, create a special intimacy for the viewer. Here, as in the actual project space on Nimweger Straße, visitors can in this way view new and newly presented works at any time and in the context of the respective time of day, always anew and differently."