Alicia Kremser



Video, 3:09 min
November 2019

Mermaid is a subtle appeal for a sustainable dealing with fashion and comprehension of the unique relationship between human and nature.

The artwork visualises a feeling of becoming one with nature. It is a moment to pause, to catch a breath and to reflect. Nothing that we wear on our skin should harm the environment. In Mermaid, a dress becomes the entity that fuses body and nature. One dress instead of many dresses, one dress that feels good and that forms a connection with the sea.

No damage to nature was made in the production of this video. Only natural materials were used and no garbage got into the sea. The pattern of the dress is approprating a design by the French fashion designer Madeleine Vionnet. In the 1920s, she founded and applied the bias cut innovatively. The pattern of that dress is unique because the fabric was cut in squares and therefore could be used entirely. It produces zero waste and does not need many stitches. The combination of the pattern and the sustainability of the used materials, supports and emphasizes the significance of Mermaid indispensably.