Alicia Kremser


text me when

August 2022

Previously on view in selected locations around the city centre of Breda, this public space intervention consists of temporally installed devices on a series of street lamps, where the sentence “text me when you’re home” is projected onto the street floor.*

Getting home safe seems like a basic need that everybody should have a right to, yet this is unfortunately not a reality. The sentence "text me when you’re home" opens up a dialogue of nocturnal conditions that render vulnerable bodies. Displayed in public space, in the dark and on the streets that are walked home, its placing has significant outreach to re-negotiate fears and embrace the night’s potential for new forms of affective socialization.

*This public space intervention has been realized upon invitation by KOP and Stedelijk Museum Breda in an effort to engage with the works of Pieter Laurens Mol. The assembling project Ontdek de Nacht frames four artists’ works in public space as a response to Mol’s ode to darkness. The project has been initiated by KOP and Stedelijk Museum Breda and with the generous support of Mondriaan Fonds.