Alicia Kremser

I believe you, I believe in you

Group Exhibition
Galerie SK, Solingen
18 July 2021 - 22 August 2021

I believe you, I believe in you is a project initiated by Alicia Kremser and Xuan Hu. As students of the Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice course at the MIVC, we have both found our passion in curation and started collaborating in spring 2021, uniting our individual research with one another, and complementary reflecting, inspiring and growing within this curatorial collective.

At this moment, we question the present and future of distance, relationship and more broadly the (post-)contemporary, in which all transmission is drawn into a vortex of conflict and then lost in silence. When the answers are nowhere to be found, we continue to seek connection in the space of art. We experimentally explore the boundaries of space and the embodiment of artworks through in-situ synergy.

The project intimately manifests a common ground of intersubjectivity, which transcends our thoughts, beliefs, works and ideas that seek to be exchanged.