Alicia Kremser


Do we drown in the same clouds?

ortsspezifische Installation
Juli 2022

The site-specific installation traces precise moments in time and place through light and movement. A variety of materials is set up to hide and reveal fragmented text projections which (dis-)appear with the opening and closing of doors or come and go with the time of day, blending in with the architecture. Each visitor shapes their own and others’ experience by entering and exiting, stumbling across what is on their way or exploring the piece beyond the frequently stepped on stairs, then resting all the way up. Every drop of water is a trace of the space, imprinting the installation’s 20m long centrepiece, documenting time and space in the material itself. The stairway as a place of transit is also one of encounter, each element added to it seeks to build connections with the space, the exhibition, you, me.

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