Alicia Kremser



Video Installation, 4:52 min
December 2020


The work was made in collaboration with French-Italian dancer Adele Gabbanelli as part of Zero Hour online residency during the lockdown in May 2020.

Gaia is an artwork about relationships. The relationship between inside and outside, private and public, movement and stillness, limitation and freedom, human and nature. The collaborative piece is an expression of nature trying to find a way to speak when it is muted by climate change and pollution. To make this struggle more relatable and personal we gave nature a body on the visual and a voice on the audible level. They unite our individual qualities and create a rhythm that seems as much arbitrary as balanced. The soul of a woman dissolves with what we imagine the soul of nature to be: powerful, beautiful, majestic, delicate, motherly, wild. Isn’t the relationship we as humans have with nature just as emotional, pure and erratic as human (romantic) relationships themselves? We believe that our lives should be in harmony with our environment and that it is time to make space for nature to speak itself. Our staging of that is as much subjective and personal as it is tangible. A curious, playful and yet melancholic video performance takes viewers on a journey of exploring those relationships that we feel so urgent and present in depth.

The Zero Hour online exhibition will be launched soon. An artist talk given during the online residency gives an insight into the collaboration:

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