Alicia Kremser


unbecoming sea

Video Installation, loop
July 2019

The installation is based in a room that shows projections on five different surfaces. The video jumps from one screen to another. While one projection is active, the others are inactive, only in certain incisive moments all projection screens are activated. There is music in the room and a poem spoken by three different voices. Video and audio are in sync and loop endlessly. The audience can move freely in the space and enter or leave the installation as desired.

unbecoming sea represents the body in a constant state of flux between vulnerability and strength during a process of letting go. A longing to the metaphysical in endlessly seeming transformation. Movement fuses the physical with the mental body and brings it a step closer to the metaphysical. This exposure symbolises complete openness, the only way to develop strength. The representation becomes an intangible and utopic parallel existence, that invites to take a moment of dreaming and of then taking the transformation process outside the space into reality.

One of the projection screens consists of a semitransparent fleece-like fabric, that changes its texture when it is touched by water. Drips of water constantly drop onto the fabric and it will dissolve more and more. The process can be observed during the whole length of the exhibition.