Alicia Kremser



Live Performance
July 2016

A dance-performance with the Motion Capture-tracking-system. All Movements of the performing dancers are tracked by the platform and each have an avatar representing their inner strength shown on a screen behind them. One of the characters is very week and not able to dance alone, the other one is strong. Inside the silhouette of their avatars are animations of floating colors, representing their strength. During the dance, the strong person begins to help the weak one and to teach her to dance again. A third avatar appears when the dancers get very close to each other, then they are seen as one creature. It represents their mutual dependence and how strong they get when they collide. It is bigger than the both of them and in its animation all floating colors get together. This third avatar sometimes slips from one dancer to the other, while they are dancing. It represents how big and how beautiful and strong they can get when they connect, even though only one of them had physical strength in the beginning. The performance shows how dependent we can be on each other and that it can make us even stronger and better. This dependence is not only valid for people who are injured, weak or disabled, but for anyone because we all depend on someone. Dependance is an experiment with the platform that, at the time, was still lacking some technical requirements. The video-documentation of the live-performance gives an insight into what it was supposed to look like. It remains a conceptual work that can be conducive as an inspiration for future projects.

Dance and choreography: Marina Glaser and Sophia Kluge Technical assistance: Tim Vischer